Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another day and still no cards were made.

Today my plan was to do minor housework, (who am I kidding), settle in to make a few cards, post in a challenge or two.
Remember how I said I am easily side tracked. It happened once again...
(no surprise there)
I went to Bloomington IL to shop for things I "need" ... okay...I think I need.
My friend Janet came by about 8:30, with coupons in hand, we loaded the grand baby in the car and were off. The best part, Michael's had a few of the Martha Steward border punches ( I "need), I happen to have plenty of coupons, (thanks to for taking the time to post them) the sweet cashier rang each one up separately so I could get 50% off on all 3 of them along the much needed adhesive. How nice was that? The Michael's I usually go to would have never let me do that. No way, I would have had to run in and out of the store 3 times. LOL
Anyway, we hit the all the bead, (Janet makes beautiful jewelry), craft and thrift stores Bloomington has. By the time we got home at 3:45 I manage to add 8 punches, mass quantity of buttons, ribbons, stickers, bow and O' lets not forget paper to my "collection".
I managed to add to mom "collection" too. Unknown to her she will be getting a small bag of "candy".
That's why I'm the GOOD daughter :) (right mom?)
Tomorrow, I am taking the grand-kids over to Great Granni-Fran's for a visit, and to update the software on my Wii -- it doesn't look good for crafting tomorrow either.......;)


Fran, said...

Funny girl.. you have candy for ME?

Dee said...

Wish I could go on a shopping spee like that. I took you advice and looked a 365. Hoping to have the time this week to put something together to try a challenge. I have teacher cards to make this week for end of school, maybe I can use one of them.


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