Monday, July 6, 2009

It's only Monday and I've completed the a challenge for Order of the OPUS

Boy it seems like forever since I manage time to post. I was checking out some of the challenges for this week, and printing a few off, thinking I might have time this week to complete a few.
I clicked on in to Order of the Opus Gluei...

Sunday July 5th - Challenge #16 - Picture Play: this week's challenge is a bit different, play with your pictures digitally

This is right up my alley, I love to play and manipulate my pictures.

I had a hard time decided which pictures I wanted to post, so I decided I would post the following two..
both are from a trip my DH and I took with mom and dad to Williamsburg VA in May 2006
This first one is of a shoemaker, who was demonstrating how shoes were made, and the style of the time. As he was talking all I could think about was the story about the Shoemaker and his elves.

so how could I resist when I was putting my scrapbook together. If you take a close look you can see I took a picture of some old guy off the corner cabinet and add one of me. LOL

This next one is at the Courthouse, during a reinactment of the arrival of the Govenor, men of the court were stepping out to great him, while this was going on, mom and I had been talking about the wigs the men had to wear.
When I got to looking at the pictures I seen this one and found the one of mom patting the wall of an old church, and again how could I not cut out the church and let her touch that mans wig.

did you noticed I used the same picture of mom as I did in the picture of the shoemaker?
This is so much fun, I have a few pictures some people didn't even notice I added items. Its fun to see how people react when something it the picture just looks a little off. LOL
It's kinda like messing with history, imagine when my great grandkid are going through old pictures like we all do, and they stubble across one, what kind of reaction will they have?? LOL

This is a fun challenge, and it nice to know I am not the only one that like to mess with pictures.
I hope other post with picture manipulations too.
FYI - if you click on the pictures you can see them full size.
Thanks for peeking in.


Fran, said...

I am falling off my chair laughing.. good job Bobbi, you are so clever.
Love Ya!

Jana said...

These are fabulous. Love them. I laughed so loud my girls ran to see what I was looking at. They like them too. Thanks.

vikki said...

This is So wrong on so many levels. Bobbi you are a hoot. Love you..(I like the messing with history thing..your kids can think u are really old but look so good...LOL)


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