Sunday, August 16, 2009

What a busy month this has been!

My little niece Nik is getting married September 19th (the day after my 50th bday) Mom and I helped out with her bridal shower. Somehow we were nominated to make the decorations. That is a big job, I think we were cutting, gluing and taping what seemed like forever. Naturally, we waited until the last minute, when we first starting planning it seemed like we had plenty of time, the next thing we knew ---- we had 3 days LOL. I guess it's good that I work better under pressure.

Any way on to the reason I am posting.
I was lurking in some of blogs I like to play in, and looking at the posts for challenges. I am inspired by all the talented women out here in blog land. Then it dawn on me... I can submit a post for the Order of the OPUS - August 9th's - Challenge #19 - Book 'Em!

* you can click on the pictures to get a up close look.

this is the poster I made for the shower, it has a storybook beginning and end.
below are the flower center pieces mom (Fran) made for the tables, we gave them away as little gifts to the game winners. HUGS to you MOM, I would have never gotten them all made if it wasn't for her. I am very blessed to have her as a BBF.

I hope I will get more time to play this week.
Today I am getting "grandma's playroom" in better order, I just got a new flat screen tv for my Wii and the old old old NES. DH is hanging it as I speak. So I decided I needed to reorganize my space. I love to play in all my stuff, its almost like Christmas I found things I've misplaced or forgot about. LOL

got to go, hey thanks for taking the time to peek in every now and then.


Dee said...

nice work bobbi. i was wondering were you had got to. the centre piece looks great. you've got me onto the challenges and now it's like an addiction, i have to check on them every day. happy card making.

Jana said...

Wonderful story book poster. Love your take on the Opus Gluei "Book 'Em" challenge. Your neice is one lucky lady to have you there for her.

Rosemary said...

I love your Opus-Gluei project - glad to have you back and playing with us!

You have had a very busy time of it, but you did pretty well and got through it eh?

Fran, said...

You know I just love the TREE, You did a wonderful job on the poster and every one loved it.. Love you mom!


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