Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am very happy with my first attempt at gardening

Sorry it has been a long time between posts. But now that I am retired, I don’t get online as much as I thought I would. I may not even get around to checking my email for days!
I still am making cards and working on my scrapbook stuff.
And now I am gardening…. well at least planting flowers and hoping they don’t die too quickly...
Heck, I may have a green thumb… time will tell. LOL

I saw some really cute Fairy Gardens and, of course, I needed one. My DH made this little door and the boys found the perfect spot to put it. The hardest part was picking out plants. I didn’t have any idea there were so many types of plants out there. It took me a while searching Pinterest and gardening websites to figure out the type of plants I would need (back to the internet). I am only going to plant perennials. Then I had to decide on individual plants too! And if you know me, I hate to make decisions, so I just bought a bunch of “pretty” ones.
When I got home, I was told not all of them could be used in my Fairy Garden! Something to do with soil type and shade vs. sun stuff like that. I found homes in other places for the plants that I couldn’t use. Now that everything that could be planted is planted. I am thinking of planting a “few” more around the house. I forced myself to stay focused on the Fairy Garden, (if I got off task, it may have never gotten done).
I needed to get more plants for my Fairy Garden. I used to laugh at my friend Sue. She loves to garden and would spend every lunch hour and weekend plant shopping. I never thought I would be doing the same. It’s almost like buying paper and scrapbook supplies, which is something I am good at. LOL. I think it took me about three different shopping trips and seven different stores to get just the right plants.
Then came the rain! And we discovered the spot we picked out for the door was really low and would get temporarily flooded. Time to rethink the layout…
We needed rocks to raise the door and Levi, being the rock expert in the house, was more than happy to help find just the right ones. Our local True Value has a big bin full of rocks, Levi was in heaven! I just tossed him in the bin and he came out with about a dozen or more of the best rocks in the world…. just ask him. Not only that, he came home everyday with rocks in his pockets from the school playground. Needless to say, we have lots of rocks.
Here are a few pictures of the finished Fairy Garden:

Now we are waiting for the fairies to come and add their own personal touches....
When they do I will definitely post the additions.

Until next time...keep calm and craft on!


Fran Lehigh said...

I must say your garden is very cute.. and the little guys is too!

Nikki said...

Omg, baby Levi!


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