Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Opus Challenge 41 - Let your LOVE show

Because we've been snowed in for 2 days, I managed to make a few valentines for the boys to give to their teachers.

Curt and I also made it to level 4 in the New Super Mario Wii game.... boy, what a fun game. It's like the old Mario games except 4 people can play together at the same time, you can work with each other or against on the same screen, it's not all separated like some of the other multi player games. There is also a coin battle, cool game, so cool I got it for our DSi's too. LOL my ADHD made me get it for both systems... LOL at least that's what I tell DH (can't help it, I have a disability).... :)

okay back to the purpose of this post. The valentines were also made for the Opus Challenge 41.
For this challenge we were ask to use the colors pink, white and red in our projects.

This one Curt and I made for his teacher. I just love this paper, it's K&Company "Smitten". It was cut using the Cricut TBBM cart. And filled with Dove chocolate hearts.

I made 10 of these for the teachers at Levi's daycare. The paper is from SEI -- and cut with the cricut using George and India Art cart, I really like this cart too, I wasn't sure if I really "needed" it, but bought it anyway, and glad I did.

funny story about the SEI paper: Mom and I got it from Michael's for a penny, YEP a PENNY!! One day I heard that items in M's clearance would sometimes ring up for a penny..... Naturally, mom and I had to investigate this, and did we ever score. I think we got 38 (maybe more) pads of good card stock for a penny each. We we so excited I know the little check out girl thought we were nuts, not to mention the other people in the story. We were laughing so hard, we couldn't breath.............................Like we needed more paper....
After our big score, I was told that M's isn't suppose to sale items that ring up for a penny, the employees are suppose to throw it away! My niece works there I told her to call me when the trash gets taken out. - Can you say DUMPSTER DIVING!!! - she said she won't call me, because she's afraid I would really do it. Hey, M's has lots of good stuff in the clearance isle.

Got to run - Curt and Mario are calling -- Thanks for peeking in. B


Rosemary said...

I love this - and the teacher is going to be smiling from ear to ear (and not just for the yummy chocolate). I am so glad you were able to participate with Opus Gluei again and hope you're able to continue! BTW, I'd be so happy if I got cool paper for a penny myself! And yes, I'd be right there with you in the dumpster with handwipes and a bag for our goodies!

Dee said...

Good to see you back. Beautiful valentines, the teachers will love them. Isn't the WII great. My game is Zelda, I have it for the DS too. I'm not so good at Mario, but the kids are playing it right now. I think they are on level 8. Great score with the paper. Happy crafting.

Fran, said...

That's my funny girl.. I can't believe you told them about the paper. Yes, it was a fun day.
Love ya girl!!


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