Friday, April 30, 2010

OPUS challange # 52

As you all know I have been working on getting my scrapbooks caught up. I am currently working on 2007.. WOOO HOOOO. This has made me neglect the weekly blog challenges not to mention my blog all together.
I was blog lurking yesterday, (things have temp. slowed down at work)and was happy to see the Opus's challenge was "MAKE SOMETHING" ..  so here it is. 

this is a page from my 2007 scrapbook.  The die cuts were made using the Cricut Cart Zooballo. I love this cart.
I also want to say Happy Anniversary to OPUS and thanks for 52 super challenges. If you haven't already you should check them out. Sometimes I think Rosemary and Jana make their challenges easy just for me.



Electra said...

I LOVE this, especially the vine! Thanks for visiting my blog too!

Jana said...

Darling layout. I love all those critters. Looks like a fun day at the zoo. Thank you for the shout out and for playing with us at Opus Gluei.

Rosemary said...

You are so sweet - thanks for the very kind words and I'm glad you like our challenges (we understand busy so we do try to make these very accessible to all to play along - what's the fun of a challenge that stresses you out? not our style). I love the happy vibe of this layout, looks like everyone had a great time and I love the motifs from Zooballoo! Don't fret about catching up, I'm so far behind it is kind of funny and I'm having a good time anyway!

Fran, said...

Love your layout.. When you go this year, let me know.. I want to go!!
Love ya girl!


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