Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A very special anniversary card

This card was made for me and my DH, for our anniversary, by my grandson. I think it is the best card ever.


He told me he got the idea from the Opus Challenge #70 - Fair Well Summer earlier in week when we were lurking around in a couple of blogs, and I was explaining to him how the different challenges worked and that his Granny and I have even posted in a few of them. He seemed to think it was a cool thing to do, he enjoyed lurking around all the different sites . He told me he needs a blog now. LOL 
The challenge was to was to let the colors from the picture inspire you.
I think he did a wonderful job. I think he will be even more excited tomorrow when I show him I posted his card. 

Thanks for stopping in             



Fran, said...

How clever, its just what I see too! Lots of colors... Great job Curt.
Love you

Anonymous said...

great job Curt

Fran, said...

Hello Curt.. get busy and make more cards. Love you!

Rosemary said...

I think your grandson is awesome, and I LOVE that he was inspired by our theme! It's so happy and colorful!


Jana said...

I LOVE THIS CARD. Your grandson is so cool. I like him a lot. His card is so very summer fair with all those wonderfully bright colors, and I love the figures he chose to represent you and your DH. Make sure he knows that this is my FAVORITE card in this weeks challenge at OPUS GLUEI.


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