Monday, September 6, 2010

One card - a simple thank-you

Did your week-end go as fast as mine?
Yesterday we played at the park for most of the day. The boys love to slide, even Grand-dad couldn't resist LOL

Today I manage to get one card made out of the five, that I need for the month of Sept. . I thought I'd post it - I haven't posted anything in a long time. It isn't any thing fancy just a small thank- you for the guys in the machine shop where I work.

I left work early on Wednesday only to find I had a flat tire... and the guys from the shop were more than willing to stop working just to change it for me. I am so thankful to work with a great group of guys. To show my appreciation I made this small thank-you card along with an apple pie. I hope to sneak the pie and card into their breakroom  before they take morning break. If I know the shop guys they will enjoy the pie more than a card.. if truth be known I would TOO!!

I also got five months of 2007 scrapped during my five days off... I'm getting it finished slowly..

I just need another five days off.........

Happy September.

1 comment:

Fran, said...

I think the card turn out pretty cool, the big guy going down the slide is pretty cool too!
Glad to see you are getting back into making cards. Hurry up and get your scrapbooking up to date.


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