Saturday, February 12, 2011

School Valentines

Boy, I can't believe I haven't posted or even blogged since November..WOW how time flies.
Curt and I have been busy today making valentines for his class. We made 20 of these fun little pencil holders and 15 littler hearts for Levi's daycare class. These were super easy to make, using my expressions and the Doodlebug cart.



Rosemary said...

HI BOBBI!!!! We've missed ya over at Opus Gluei, but I can see you are busy with wonderful things - like the little guys!

These are great Valentines, what a good idea and useful too!

Fran, said...

Wooo.. you been busy.. love the cards you and Curt are making.. Love your idea and the kids will love them to. Curt will be the star of the class LOL

Jana said...

What adorable Valentines. I love that you made them with pencils. And the ones with the lollipops too. They are ALL just great. Sure to be loved by the kids.


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