Saturday, February 12, 2011

Opus Challenge #89 -

2 post in one day... I am on a roll
Mom said I should post the valentines Curt and made in the Opus Challenge #89, when I seen that the challenge was to "Create some sort of decoration for your home."  I did that for Levi already. Since we took custody of the boys we have decorated many spot around the house. This is the hallway outside their bedroom door.. I think this removable vinyl stuff is so cool. We have stuff on door, walls, ceilings. My DH said I get a little carried away sometimes LOL... but the boys love it..

and I do too.
thanks for stopping in.  I need to get busy, I have a few more valentines to make before the day is over.
Who know I may post again LOL...



Rosemary said...

I have never used the vinyl in my Cricut, but now I am thinking I'd love to use it for my home!

Jana said...

Oh, but this is way cool. It looks fabulous. I bet those kids DO love it. It's so great to see you back blogging AND playing with us at OPUS GLUEI again. We missed you.


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