Saturday, July 16, 2011

I've been a bad blogger!!

I've been told I need to post something... anything. I had no idea it's been more than 2 months since my last post. Time slips by. I really don't have any good excuses for not posting, I haven't gone anywhere, my computer works, maybe just lazy.. no not lazy either.. The only excuse I came up with is I haven't made any new cards, and I usually post cards for challenges. I was told that was not a good excuse either. My sister Vikki (check out her site just click here) said to me "you don't  need a challenge to post, you should just post anything at least once a week, or just talk - everybody knows you can talk,  just tell people what you've been doing."  LOL funny funny sister.
Okay - a typical weekend for me is June 24th  & 25th
To begin with, I should tell you it was the Rodeo weekend, and Levi just loves to watch the Rodeos on RFDTv keep in mind he is only two. He talks nonstop about how he can ride bulls and horses. He runs around the house riding one of those horse heads on a stick. We even put a horse made out of old tires on the swing set, and that is about how close he has been to a real horse or bull. So anyway, when he found out the rodeo was coming to town, that's all he talked about for a whole week, "he can stay on, he can ride, on and on and on. Friday night finally rolls around. We are off to the rodeo. Levi talked (I call it talking trash) to anybody that would listen about how he can ride, stay on, and was the best cowboy ever. But he didn't want to get to close to the animals.
Saturday is the big day, a parade, and the day Levi is going to ride a "real" horse .
Larry and Curt choose to stay home. It looks like it's just Levi and me, so excited as we head out, with temperatures well over 100, to sit in the sun to watch a parade. As the horses go by, I hear Levi talking "trash" to an elderly gentleman seated next to him.  I have to say for a little guy he's very convincing. We have been sitting in the hot sun for an over hour, it's time to eat hot dogs.. Yippee!! Oh and free ice cream bars that some clown just happens to be handing out. Now, I have a little "trash" talking cowboy with ice cream melting all over him not to mention me, getting his face painted. It's time for us to get in the long, long line to ride a horse in a circle... you know, the same as the horse rides at the fair. Levi is so excited, he can hardly sit still. He is still talking the talk. I wish I was as excited as he was, I was hot I was very hot, sweat is rolling off of me and Levi's wonderful face paint is smearing off his face and onto mine from all the hugs as we stand in line. The sun is baking my brains(or what is left of them) for more than 45 minutes. I forgot to tell you... whoever organized this grand event thought it was a good idea to have  the horse rides on an old, black parking lot, with no shade in sight.
Anyway, finally  -
Levi's turn...................
you guessed it.
The little @#$t wouldn't get near the horse. In fact, he let out a scream that would wake the dead!  Yes, the best cowboy ever, just had the biggest meltdown on record. Every head within 5 miles turned to see what had happen. The horse backed away, people backed away.... all eyes were on us. My shirt was being torn from my body. My glasses fell to the ground. All the contents of my purse was lying around me on the ground. A half-eaten lollipop is stuck to the side of my head. I tried to gather our belongings from the ground as calmly as possible, comfort a totally terrified 2yr old boy without attracting any more unneeded attention.
The quiet came as suddenly as the screaming..not a sound or a word all the way to the car. After the seat belts were buckled, the car started, and most importantly the air conditioner cooling...
A little voice said "That was a big horse".

I turned around, smiled, and said there's always next year.....

Later that evening, after the boys were in bed, I wasn't up to playing with paper.
Instead, I picked up my Kindle to read a few more chapters of Diana Gabaldon's Dragonfly in Amber. (Book number 2 in her Outlander Series).

I have been working on getting my scrap-book projects up to date. I have almost completed 2007!
Maybe tomorrow I will post one of my layouts... who knows..

Thanks for stopping in.
My Kindle is calling........



vikki said...

I think that this is a wonderful post..I knew you could do it..Love you..

Fran, said...

Love you

Dee said...

Good to hear from you again. Cute story. Got to love those big brave boys, till it comes right down to it.

Rosemary said...

Oh my gosh, you tell one heck of an entertaining story! I know it was not FUN at all for you, but jeez, you make it sound hilarious. Your little cowpoke may not be trashtalking for a while now. OMG - yes, please post occasionally and share this sense of humor with your bloggy buddies!

(p.s., I haven't been a good blogger either - lol)

vikki said...



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