Sunday, October 23, 2011

Got Color? --

Isn't it great how a little color can completely change the look of a room. The boys and I decided their bathroom could use a little pick me up. Figuring painting would be the easiest and quickest way,
The three of us Curt, Levi & me head off to Menard's. Silly me not thinking that color was an issue, only because we love lime green, and as Curt said "it's the best color ever!" sure, right, what was I thinking....anyway 3hrs later we're finally back home, (sparing you the details) with one three colors, new towels, a waste basket.

I seen Larry cringe when I pulled the paint and other goodies out of the bags.
But, like a good  smart man he never said a word. I'm thinking after 27+ yrs of marriage he knows when to keep quite.

As far as the colors -- here, take a look,  and you decide...

here's the boring bathroom before:

drum roll please........

a few coats of lime green paint later...
the bathroom now:

Levi had to have his "best color of all time"
and Curt, well, he really just had to have...
Then I saw those bright orange mini buckets, orange bath towels and did you notice the colorful wash cloths in the picture above? How could I not get them?

Four walls and three colors. Oh, we used the blue to paint the ceiling too.
Over all, I think it turned out great, the boys love it, and I didn't even have to buy a new shower curtain.
Now, all that's left is deciding on wall art.
With a good imagination and some removable wall vinyl the possibilities are endless...

So, tell me what do you think?



Dee said...

wow Bobbi, awesome bathroom. love the bright colors.

vikki said...

wow!! looks like you!! love it

Fran, said...

Love the bath room.. you guys did a great job in brighten the room up! Look at the money you saved for not buying new shower curtain LOLOL


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