Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let it be known, I have made a couple of cards!

I’ve been MIA for quite a while. I really stink at keeping my blog updates; I hope you can forgive me.

Seems like my schedule had knocked my crafty time way down my “to do” list… and my poor blog somewhere farther down the list I am sad to say.
Work is the main culprit of slowing down my creative. I am hoping all that changes in 108 days (not that I am counting), when I finally retire at the ripe old age of 53. I have told myself that once I don’t have to go to work. I should be able to make at least one card a day and try to blog at least once a week.
My biggest goal is to get my scrapbooking caught up; I am starting on 2008 now. Sorting through the pictures is a big job; I am starting to think I take too many, and it so easy to do, with these digital cameras, I have one of those little SD card for each year. The plan is to pick out two to four favorite pictures per month and scrap them and make a yearlong video using the rest.

Now, what did I come here for? Oh I remember Cards I made some cards.
I need to make a couple of cards this month.
Curt turned 8 on the 5th and my oldest granddaughter Alyson turns the BIG 21; I also need two father’s day cards.

Don’t get too excited I only managed to get two out of the four finished.
I should get the others done by the end of the week considering Al is having a family cookout Saturday… and father’s day is this Sunday,it’s a good thing I work better under pressure.

I guess if you made it this far you must really want to see the two cards  I managed to finish:

A little spinning easel card for Curt:

and here is the fathers day card I made for my dad: Photobucket


Fran Lehigh said...

Love the spin card for our Curt.. he love it--didn't he??? Great job on Dad's Day card. I will be watching for the others cards.. get to them girl!!! Love you

vikki said...

sounds like you are just too busy..you make nice cards I am sure dad and curt will love them. Hope you start blogging more often..being as you and mom said I needed to do this..love you xoxox

vikki said...

you really suck at this blogging thing..love you..


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