Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 1 - of my RETIREMENT !!

My official last day at UIUC was Friday, Sept 28th. But, I am considering today my first TRUE day of retirement. Because I always had the weekends off anyway.

Now what? That is my question...

I've never been a SAHM let alone a SAHGma
I do have a couple of small (and I mean small) errands to run.
At 11:30 I am taking Happy Meals to Levi's school for his birthday lunch. Then I am going to take some Halloween candy bags to my friend Janet's shop. Janet owns a nice little antique shop in town. I made some of these cute candy bags with sunflowers and filled with M&M's. She wanted to put some up near her front register just to see if they will sell.

They did, just like she knew they would. I really didn't think they would.
Now we are going to try these Halloween ones.

 if these sell I may just make some for all the holidays.

 Back to my goals for retirement...
1. make at least one crafty item a week
2. get my scrapbooking up to date. I am currently working on 2007. I have some older pictures I'd like to scrap. I don't want to start on them, until I have completed 2012.
3. get back into blogging, and post at least once or twice a week. I haven't been blog hopping for so long, it is something I really miss too.  Plus my sister Vikki keeps reminding me I am a BAD BLOGGER!
and last but not least (I don't want to make my goal list to long, I don't want to fail at this retirement gig)
4. eat less and get back to exercising. I quit going to the gym when the boys came to live with us back in 2008. It shows too, I've put on at least 40 lbs, not good.

Did you happen to notice my goals don't include any thing assocated to work, like houseWORK, yardWORK.... hahahaha That is because I only have the hours between 8 and 2:30 to really play before the the boys get out of school.

Well, so far for day 1, I've spent my first two and half hours in front of the computer, I need to go get dressed if I want to get the Happy Meals to school by 11:30 (it's 10:45 now).

Thanks for stopping in.



Vikki Hooks said...

Enjoy will be busier now than ever. Love you

Fran Lehigh said...

blog once a week? We will see! LOL
Happy you made it to retirement, there go's my 5:00 calls.. dang!
Love you girl. (I knew your candy treats will sell) Good way to make play money!

Dee said...

Congrats on your retirement. Looking forward to seeing all the crafting you'll get done. Candy treats look great. I have to get busy, signed up for a craft sale in Nov, and I have no Christmas cards to sell.

girlia said...

Great job. Love this


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