Monday, February 11, 2013

Another creative couple of weeks!

Valentines day is soon approaching, and for once I am ready. I have been making valentines for the boys’ class parties. Curt class is having a contest for the best valentine box. I had him search the internet for ideas. Of course, he found more than enough ideas. After a long process of eliminations he decided he liked one that looked like a gumball machine…. Oh yippee… why not a simple decorated shoe box?
Here is the finished product:

It wasn’t as hard as I thought, we wrapped a box in red duct tape and the top is an upside down mason jar filled with gumballs, and glued a wing-nut to the front for the turny thingy.. I must say the finished produce is pretty cool!

It didn’t stop there, I still had to come up with valentines for both boys’ classmates and teachers. Curt wanted to give out M & M’s in the 1x8 bags… easy enough, while making his, I decided that Levi could give the same to the teachers and staff at his school. Curt needed 25 and Levi needed 11.

Now, I still had to come up with something for Levi to give his classmates and because Curt is giving his class “something cooler” than plan ol’ store bought valentines, Levi wanted to give “something cooler” too. So, we looked online for ideas… boy there are a lot of really neat ideas out there. I always wonder why can’t I think of them on my own… I really like the idea of getting a little plastic shovel and a small bag of candy that said “ I really dig you”. But, I could find any shovel or buckets in our small Dollar General. Bummer because I really did like this idea. Was I headed back to the internet for another idea…nope! Levi found these little pink balls for a $1 each.

Check out what we did:

I am glad he only has 9 kids in his class including him!

Not done yet. The first part of the month Levi’s teacher sent home a note asking for volunteers to help with the craft table during their Valentines day party…. I thought what the heck and checked off I would be glad to help. Little did I know help meant coming up with the craft project …. Back to the internet I go, I need ideas for preschool crafts. I found this one:

I figured it had hearts looked easy enough for kids.
Here is one I completed for a sample:
I cut out all the parts and put them in separate bags for each of kids , all they will have to do is glue them down. I asked Levi if he thought he could make one of these in 30mins he said…”easy peasy”.
Well, we’ll wait and see.
Remind me…what’s wrong with those store bought cards????

I did make some cards and some really fun clothespins. I will post them later this week!

Until next time…Keep Calm and Craft On

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Vikki Hooks said...

Gosh I kind of wish you were my grandma!! It is good of you to do all that you do for the boys..hugs to you. Love you


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