Saturday, January 26, 2013

Quite a few projects completed this week

I must say this past week turned out to be fairly productive. I managed to actually complete some projects, from start to finish. Yep, can you believe it! I think I told you that my “playroom was getting a new floor and repainted. It was finished months ago, and I am just now getting around to decorating some of the walls using my cricut and wall vinyl. I think the local Wal-Mart may be discontinuing the vinyl, because a some time back I found about 4 or 5 rolls of it in the clearance section for 3.99 which of course I bought all of it. LOL
I think I told you about my friend Janet opening a quant little antique/craft store. She has been after me for months to make some cards, tags and stuff to sell. I did make those candy bag things, and they sold pretty well. She gave me the idea of making these Chalkboard tags to sell.
I cut some tags using my cricut, spray painted them with the Krylon Chalkboard Paint. It’s pretty cool stuff. The chalkboard finish can be written on, then wipe cleaned to be used over and over. I packaged 12 tags along with a piece of chalk. I think they would make a nice little thank-you gifts or even teacher gifts. I’ll let you know if they sell or not. I also made about 6 valentine cards and 7 birthday cards. I was definitely on a roll, that is all in one week too, I think that is a record for me!
I am starting out with the valentines to see if they sell, I‘ve never sold any of my cards and I have my doubts they will sell. But, if they do I will try selling a few of the birthday card. I may even get a little ambitious and make a couple Easter, and thank-you cards… no promises, we’ll just wait and see…

Until next time...Keep Calm and Craft on!


Fran Lehigh said...

Love your update. You where busy.
Keep up the great work, your good!!!!
Love you mom.

Vikki Hooks said...

hello...nice to see you. Hey you should make a bunch of this type of stuff. You know and buy a table from me as I am not going to be able to fill a second table at my show..think about it..I think you would do well..Love you..


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