Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good Morning... and Happy Belated New Year!

You know when I retired I had it in my head I would post at least once a week… nope hasn’t happened. The plan was to make a card a day… nope hasn’t happened. LOL.
I have however made a few Christmas cards as you can see:

I made about 20 others I figured nobody would really want to see all of them, not only that it would take to long to post them.

Now I must confess, I didn’t get these sent out this past year. But, look at the bright side. I am ready for Christmas 2013!

The problem is I discovered Pinterest  . It's the one site I should avoid. It's a great site, it's just that every time I tell myself it will be just a "couple of minutes" next thing I know a hour has flown by sometimes two maybe even three! It gets me hopping to so many fun and informing websites and blogs…. It’s crazy. I LOVE that site.
Who would have thought one website could opened my eyes to exploring so many other hobbies.  Such as making my own soap.

I have made bath soap, liquid hand soap and laundry detergent.

This soap is made with goats milk and is super smooth, I have made some unscented oatmeal for my grandson Levi. He has such sensitive skin and this soap works great. His skin is so much softer and he says " it isn't all itchy".

It even has me cooking more (made meat loaf for the first time), and making my own
Cooking Extracts:

This Vanilla Extract won't be ready for use until February. It was made with Vodka, I guess other types of extracts are made with rum or even whiskey. If this turns out to be good I am going to try my hand at making orange, lemon and a mint extract. - I'll let you know.

I've even found helpful cleaning tips too, my DH used to say I was domestically challenge, but now thanks to Pinterest I am a Domestic GODDESS, so much so he gave me an apron for Christmas LOL he thinks he is so funny…

Well, I need to get busy doing something...


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Vikki Hooks said...

It is good you are so good at being a you really suck at this blogging thing. Seriously..I am interested in the soap you are using on Levi...send me an email and tell me how. As for the Christmas card you should have sent me one this year it is gonna cost you more!! Love you


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