Monday, October 22, 2012

week 3 of retirement.

Good afternoon, I believe I am getting the hang of retirement.
I can’t believe today is almost over, the boys are home from school, and I am just now getting on the computer. Where did the day go?  I'm not really sure. I make my first Pineapple Upside down cake today, from scratch. It turned out really good, but, I think I will stick to box mixes just to keep it simple.
I find myself saying that a lot lately “keep it simple”.

On to this past week, which by the way went by super fast.
I managed to get a few household chores done. You know the stuff you say you will get to but never do, like cleaning out dresser drawers….. DONE, the boys bedroom closet….DONE. I would have like to get my closet cleaned but I don't want to over do.
I can always do it tomorrow... and we all know that tomorrow never comes.

The craft projects for the week.
I have been wanting Mod Podge something, nothing particular, just something. Lots of websites have some really cool ways to use Mod Podge. All the sites say the same thing “Start Small” so for once I took that advise.
I have this old step stool that I used at work (under my desk to rest my feet on) and decided it would be good for a first project. I started by sanding off the shiny finish. (Do this outside, I started it inside, bad idea) I can’t say I enjoyed this part at all, it is a lot more tedious than I thought it would be. I used Larry’s palm sander, but ended up breaking a couple of pieces off the sander and had to finish by hand. Then I rummaged through Larry's "man shed: and found a couple cans of spray paint. Gray prime and a can do orange glossy the primer only took about 15 minutes for it to dry the orange took quite a bit longer, good thing too because the next part was truly the hardest…..what to do with the stool now? It took me most of the day looking online for ideas, then changing my mind, looking online again… and then I end up making something as simple as this:

Yep this took me all day, it did turn out cute, great for the boy's bathroom. The Mod Podge is dry to the touch but it needs to set a week or longer before it can get wet. I don’t think I will Mod Podge any big furniture, unless it’s already been sanded down and ready to paint. I am looking at all the switch plates in the house that could use a little Mod Podge and scrap paper.

A chore chart for the boys:

I decided to let the boys “choose their chores” instead of me having to remind them all the time.  I put their chores on magnets. (I had laying around the house). Each chore has the amount of what will can be paid out. After they complete a chore I will move one of the mini magnets on to the board. I don’t know about your kids, but every Saturday Curt would say “hey, you have to pay me my allowance” . Most of the time I’m not even sure if he did all his jobs or not. This way they will only get paid an allowance for only chores they actual did.

Best part is I didn’t have to purchase anything new for these projects, I had the stool, spray paint and the paper was from my scrap pile. I used an old cookie sheet and old magnets I had laying around for the chore chart. --- wait a minute I guess that isn’t true, I had to purchase the Mod Podge…. But I did have a coupon.

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