Saturday, February 6, 2016

and week 5 is in!

Terri was the busiest one this week. She made not one but two pairs of PJ's.
I love PJ's what do I love more than PJ's?     PJ DAY!!
yes they are the best days ever!
won't Terri be just a stylin' on her next PJ day!
Truthfully though Terri said she never stays in her jammies all day. I guess they don't have PJ days in Florida.  She doesn't know what she is missing. Does she? It almost seems like a waste to wear such pretty PJ's only at night, nobody gets to see them.
Terri next time you come home, you should have a PJ day with mom and your sisters. You won't regret it they are the best!

Dana made something this week. YEP, she sure did. She needed a card, so she came over and we made one together. This is the first card she ever made. I think she did great.
I'm not sure if she caught the card making bug or not. She was a little overwhelmed choosing and matching the paper (that is the hardest part), and she was only looking in the scrap pile.

Mom got busy and finished up this crochet doily. And how pretty it is.
This is not the only thing mom made this week. She hosted our family craft day this week. It was a good time. She didn't have a plan, but after little brain storming we came up with a Valentine Card.
Marci and Nik have made this project as theirs for this week. And they should because we worked hard.
I am hosting the next family craft day on Wednesday the 10th. If your in the area stop on in. It will be a good time.

I just finished (like a hour ago) up this cookie sheet memo board.
I saw this in Pinterest and pinned it more than a year ago. I was going to make a couple for teacher gifts. I even purchased the cookie sheets, but never got around to it.  It was fun and so easy to make!

Can you guess what we will be making craft day?

Vik was also busy this week, she is trying to "destash" her stash of books, threads and other things she is hoarding. I think she had three PJ days this week. LOL
In between "destashing" she managed to crochet this beautiful doily
those are the best colors
She had it listed in her Etsy Shop and it already sold! Bummer I was waiting for it to go on clearance.
So, if she post something and you like it, you best get it. Because the next time you look it will be gone!

           HUGS to you all!

This challenge: One craft a week for One year requires asks family members to do one creative thing a week just send me a picture and I will post it here. This is to be fun, and a way for us to stay connected. 
Don't be shy, show us what you've been up to!



Vikki Hooks said...

I tried to have 3 pj days.... But in reality I only had one because the other two days I ended up having to get dressed for one reason or another... Nice job guys!!

Fran Lehigh said...

that's cheating.. Marci and Nikki.. LOL

I used your 2 other days for my PJ days.. they didn't go to waste.

MOM said...

You are a one creative family. Everyone is busy creating a lovely piece of creative work. I liked the PJs. They look so comfortable and lovely. The crochet doily is perfect and looks so good. Thanks for sharing ideas!


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