Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 8 came and went

Boy, I'm really slacking off. Another week with no project to share. Heck I'm even late posting on the blog. I have however, started knitting two blankets. Maybe one will be finished before next can only hope. I also started a new needle point project. I love starting new projects, don't you? I just have a hard time finishing them all.

Mom celebrated her 81st birthday on Monday, February 22nd!
She took the time from celebrating to make this card...

isn't it so cute!...Good Job mom

Nikki finished her sock, so now she has a pair.
she does a good job,  they look very comfy.

This next project I am posting, I stole from my friend Catherine Somers facebook page.
I know she won't mind. But I wanted you to see the quilt her niece Lainey made with her help.
This is Lainey's first quilt, and one for her to be very proud of.  She is learning from a super quilter that's for sure.

I keep saying one day I'm going to make a quilt. Then I remember I need to learn to sew first!

Terri has been very busy making carry totes. This one I think is her best yet.
It's quilted with a foam layer in the middle so it is very light.
Vera Wang can't hold a candle to the talents of my sister Terri. 

Vikki has made another doily for week 8

Every doily she makes is an original and all are so pretty and delicate.
shoot she already had 2 doilies finished and ready to block for this week.

She has it listed in her Etsy Shop
If she list something and you like it, you best get it. Because the next time you look it will be gone!

           HUGS to you all!

This challenge: One craft a week for One year requires asks family members  and friends to do one creative thing a week just send me a picture and I will post it here. This is to be fun, and a way for us to stay connected. 
Don't be shy, show us what you've been up to.


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