Monday, April 4, 2016

Weeks 9 to 13

5 weeks behind in posting the families crafts...I am a slacker that is for sure!
The family hasn't been to crafty lately and that is okay. Remember no stress here.

Let see what have we have:

Brandon is collecting tools to make a super manly workshop
I think he said he is going to make a kitchen or dining room table.

nice if he is anything like the rest of us...he will need every tool known to man plus some.

Now Shari has actually built a chair for Brandon, How nice is that.

Looks good Shari! What's next?

Wow Marci has been busy! yep she made gummy worms...yummy
Marci I need the recipe for these. The boys would love them.

She also made these mason jars filed with sand and sea shells from her trip to Daytona beach in March.

Just a small souvenir to give to those not lucky enough to go south for the week.  Great job Marci that was very thoughtful of you.

Me, well hummm, I made two cards:

A bridal shower card for my now new sister Karen.

This is the wedding card made for the happy couple.

I also made a couple of Easter cards:

well they really aren't finished, this is the top layer, they still need to be attached to an actual card.
maybe by next Easter I will have them finished ....maybe

Okay moving on...

Vikki has made a told of four doilies..... of course she is the family hooker!
I've seen all of them and every one is beautiful.

Not bad four in five weeks wow what a hooker  :)
Every doily she makes is an original and all are so pretty and delicate.

She has them all listed in her Etsy Shop
If she list something and you like it, you best get it. Because the next time you look it will be gone!

Again GOOD JOB GIRLS and Brandon!
           HUGS to you all!

This challenge: One craft a week for One year requires asks family members  and friends to do one creative thing a week just send me a picture and I will post it here. This is to be fun, and a way for us to stay connected. 
Don't be shy, show us what you've been up to.


B Koehler said...

Correction, Brandon and Shari ARE building a dining room table.

B Koehler said...

Correction, Brandon and Shari ARE building a dining room table.

samia hussain said...

nice post


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