Thursday, December 17, 2009

I am sorry -- I have been a bad blogger!!!!

Time has been flying by! My last post was AUGUST 30th...... wow, I am a bad bad blogger.

My days turn into nights, my nights into weeks, my weeks into months before I know it, it will be a new year.

My Gma always told me that it would happen, I didn't believe her, boy, was she ever right.

The good news is I have 3 more work days and I am off for 12 full days... YIPPEEE
My goal is to get my "therapy room" cleaned out, some cards/crafts made, and post them in some of my favorite online challenges.
I got 8 new cricut cartridges and a storybook binder that I haven't been able to really play with to see what all they can help me create. LOL

My grandsons Curt (5yrs) and Levi (15months) have been living with us on a full time basis. They are probably the biggest reason I have neglected my blog. I don't know how working mothers find time to craft. By the time I get off work, get the kids fed, TV time, story time or Wii time, bathed, and in bed, my brain is mush. DH says it's always been mush, I'm just notice it more now, LOL - he thinks he is funny, he isn't any better because by 8pm every night you can find him in his chair with the remote in his hand asleep... LMAO.

My friend conned me into helping her start up a craft show for our town's Mental Health Dept.. (hoping it will turn into a yearly event) I then conned mom into helping, mom then conned my sister Vik into setting up a booth with her crochet. She does beautiful work
I don't think it was really worth all effort, I like to make stuff just because, not because I have too, it becomes work, and takes away from the fun. I do like sitting around watching and talking to the people. I think mom took some pix, I will try to get copies from her to post in the next 12 days I have off.

OH and I also turned 50.. 4 more years until I can retire.. Oct 01, 2014 *big grin*

C U Online. Bobbi


Dee said...

Great to see you back Bobbi. I've been having a hard time lately trying to find the time to craft. I manage at least one challenge a week. Can't wait to see some of your work.

vikki said...

hi bobbi, just wanted u to know that I read your post..Love you..

Jana said...

WOW. You have been busy. I can relate to the busy sked with no time for anything. I am just now getting out and visiting my fav blogs. It's tough to be thrown into a full on mom sked. Sounds like you are doing well with it.


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