Saturday, March 12, 2011

My 1st U-Tube and OPUS Challenge

The Opus challenge #93 was "Show Us Something New"
This card is my attempt at two new techniques, yes TWO (and it only took me ALL day, good thing I don't work for Hallmark, or I'd be fired for sure.
This first: spray on ink.
I got some Smooch Spritz on clearance, and thought I give them a try... I watch a "how to" video on the web, looked easy enough... I should have known when the girl on the video had a little box build just to use these things, that they are something I should just walk away from..LOL Oh my GOSH - what a mess,  I had that stuff sprayed everywhere! I better stick with paper and ink pads, don't think I will use them again.
The second: My first downloaded video.
Over the past few years I have received really cute birthday cards from friends and family that were to cute not to find a way to re-use them. They have these little noise boxes in them, that sing, or talk. I decided to take one apart, and figure out how to put them in one of my own.  I've had this little flip share video camera for a while now. I haven't taken the time to really figure out how to download the videos on the computer. I guess I never had a reason too. Until I made this card, I wanted to share with you what it sounds like when you open it.
This is what it looked like inside the Hallmark card after I peeled back the layers, it has a replaceable battery (did they really think people were going to change it?  
here's the front with the new spray stuff,

AND the video of the inside ------ drum roll please........

I know it's kinda lame .. I need to work on this video stuff, now that I am somewhat familiar of getting it on the web, I need to concentrate on the content and editing. Oh goody a new hobby LOL.

Well that's it for today.. and thanks for stopping in.



Dee said...

Way to go girl. Great first video. Like the card.

Rosemary said...

Okay, lots for comments...

1. Stop being hard on yourself - I think your work is wonderful. I need to use the computer where my sound isn't all messed up so I can enjoy the video!
2. Oh my gosh, the effect of the spray is very very cool - I like the colors a lot on your card.
3. I know what you mean about the sprays going all over - I end up usually as colorful and sparkly as my projects! (which I'm okay with, lol)
4. I think it is so cool that you recycled a card to make this card.
5. Thank you for coming back to play with us at Opus Gluei!

Jana said...

That recording makes me laugh. It's so funny. I love that you made a card using it. Very clever. I never thought to do that, but will now. Your card is wonderful. LOVE the video. AND I know what you mean about that wonderful spray getting everywhere. But it looks so nice.....
Thanks so much for coming back and playing with us at OPUS GLUEI again. Love seeing your creations.

Fran, said...

Sorry, I forgot to check out your blog... you are so creative, the real you!!! (funny) Love you

Sandy O said...

What a pretty card. I hope to see many more of your creations.

I found you through Momo. Isn't this the sweetest thing she is doing for us! :o)


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