Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a Great Saturday

The sun was out,  temperatures are up.  Larry took the boys to the park for the day. I was home most of the day alone. I haven't been home alone for ...well, I have no idea how long it's been. I took full advantage of it too. I started the day with good intentions. The plan was to clean my "playroom". You know, put things away all the unused ribbon and other sparklies tossed randomly around the room, into drawers and cubbies. Toss out scraps of paper left laying around, hang the scissor... Oh, who was I kidding? It wasn't going to happen. I did give it some serious thought. Especially, since The challenge over at OPUS this week was "Reach out and get a handful" - The girls asked us to use "bits and bobs" that are still sitting out from our last few projects and make something. That's pretty easy considering, I have stuff from Thanksgiving still sitting out. Once again I was distracted. LOL. I found some paper circles in bright colors that were left over cutouts from something my grandson and made sometime back. I have a hard time throwing things like that away, who knows I might need them for something. I found some button (hidden under a mass of pile paper) from how long ago.. I couldn't say. Everything I needed for Challenge #94 take a look at these:
you can click on the pictures to see them better.

 I lifted the basic idea for these cards in the weekly email from Scrapbook Etc. if it wasn't from them it was from one of the many others I subscribe to. Anyway, it was an article showing "easy cards made in 5 minutes" which still took me longer than 5 minutes, do they truly think somebody can make a card in 5 minutes?  Shoot it takes me longer than that just to find the scissors!
I ended up getting 3 more made after this picture was taken. 7 cards in 6 hours -- I am on a roll.

Never did get anything put away - I think I made it worse. See for yourself: 

The night is still young! I may still get it picked up -- always the optimist.
I hope your day was as productive as mine.



Fran, said...

oh my.. how I know what you are talking about.. I still haven't clean my mess up sense Christmas. I should have join the challenge to! Love the cards, going to use your ideal (you know I would).
I'm so jealous of your new blog page. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! and you..

vikki said...

looks like my room..hey the cards look good too. Love you

joann valdez said...

great cards. found you on momo site . i'm now a follower. come by and visit .

Jana said...

LOVE your cards. They are so very bright and cheery and springy. Perfect for OPUS GLUEI. I also really, really LOVE that you showed us your desk after the creative burst. It's perfect.

Ashley said...

Am happy to be your newest follower and am looking forward to all your wonderful creations to come! Momo sent me! TFS!


Scrappin with the bug said...

Bobbi, thanks for becoming my newest follower. I just became one of yours. Thanks for the cute ideas on the cards.

I agree don't think cards could be made in 5 minutes. I always have to look at it several times and then "tweek" it.

diana creations said...

cute cards you did a great job momo sent me

Anonymous said...

cute cards

Anonymous said...

Adorable cards! I love your blog design too!!! It makes me very happy :) Momo sent me and I'm your newest follower :)


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